Whether flooding in a home is minor or major, it can still create very similar problems. Burst or leaking pipes can saturate wood, carpets and anything its path. Water Damage Restoration should begin as quickly as possible after flooding or water damage has occurred. Delaying the inevitable will only cost more and damage more things in a home. With the horrific weather that has passed through the United States in recent months, a homeowner should be aware of the services that can protect their home from extensive damage after flooding has occurred.

Water Damage Remediation will begin by stopping the water flow and protecting the property. Water extraction with special equipment will begin immediately to remove any remaining water in the home. The moisture left in the air will be treated with a rapid structural drying process. Many companies, still use the old process of removing every piece of furniture, carpeting, clothing, drapes and HVAC Duct Cleaning other things from the home. With a rapid drying process, an evaporation of the water will begin immediate with the use of dehumidifiers and other equipment. The rapid structural drying technique will utilize an ideal temperature to improve the evaporation process. Letting an item dry on its own sitting in a garage or yard will only add to mold problems for the homeowner.

Drying the entire home within 3-4 day is ideal. An assessment will be made if any structural damage, cracked concrete flooring, foundation damage, ruined floor or water-damaged walls has occurred. The next step will be to make a mold assessment for any infestation with the home. Water Damage Restoration will being by addressing these more serious concerns and secure the structure. If a foundation is damaged or the concrete floors are cracked, any further water will continue to enter a home. A smell from water damage combined with mold and mildew will need to be deodorized and sanitized.

Water Damage Repair does more than mask the odor and leave soggy drywall in place. An entirely new system called Bio Sweep will quickly remove the smell of mold and mildew on items within the home and is environmentally safe. The proven technology of this system can deliver permanent results to many items that people may have believed were ruined forever. It will not bleach or harm any fabrics and permits quicker recovery and re-entry into an individual’s home. When water damage occurs, contact a highly-trained water removal and remediation company.